That is definitely me, I am probably a coffee snob. I only like a particular type of grounds from my favorite manufacturers. So, you could say I am a bit obsessed with coffee! I love to smell the bag of coffee grounds right after you grind the beans. The aroma is amazing! I have at least one cup of coffee a day and I find it a fantastic way to spend time with a friend or a loved one. Sometimes a cup of coffee,  sitting at the coffee shop, talking with my wife, is just what I need and all seems right with the world.

Welcome to my new front page.

In my past blogs I have touched on a lot of different topics, but I try and stick to what I know, and not speculate too much. I hope you find some of my topics entertaining as well as informative. If not, you probably drink decaf, or tea…….Sorry, to each there own. But if do you like what I’ve written please leave a comment letting me know or add your take on the subject. Thanks and happy reading!