God Is My Provider!

The challenges of life can be daunting. It sure seems like everything we do has some hurdle we have to overcome. So we have to fight, scratch and claw our way through life, and there are no signs of it getting any easier. If anything, it’s getting worse. I you pay close attention to what we as a society value, and how we treat each other, it doesn’t look like we are helping the situation.

We appear to have become so self absorbed and so self focused, that the important things in life have become lost in the shuffle. Like growing our children up into responsible adults. Sadly, they are only with us for a short period of time. A time that fly’s by so fast, you just want to reach out and slow it all down. Try and keep them with you just a little while longer. So you can spend more time with them, enjoying them, talking with them, getting to know them. Yet more often than not, life gets in the way.

We have needs that have to be provided for. We need money to provide food, shelter and clothing for our family. So we have to work, and work hard. Even so, it never seems to be enough, we want more, possibly need more! But there isn’t a lot of tolerance for the time it takes for this to happen. We want it all, and we want it now. If it takes too long, we get angry and start looking at those that do have. And we start to long for what they have. We wonder, why do they get everything, don’t I deserve what they have. You see groups of people becoming irrational and demanding what they have.

Who ever said we were owed anything. Is that what made this country prosperous. I don’t believe it did. Our ancestors sacrificed everything to work, be productive, and  leave a legacy for their children. Leave them something to value. Such as a good work ethic that would make them a valued employee, so they could make a living. Not so life would be easier, though it could be. So they could provide for their family. And in the process, teach their kids the value of hard work, of good relationships, and the importance of family.

This is no longer a normal practice in our country. Now, we think we deserve a wage, for doing nothing. We hate the things that were once good. Hard work, honesty, purity, a moral foundation. We want people to obey the law, be of good moral fiber and fair and just. Yet how are we to accomplish this, when we deny God. There is no good reason to be any of those things if we don’t have a moral standard. There’s no reason outside of God, to have a moral standard. If were just a bunch of accidents, then what’s the purpose! But that’s what we want. We all want to go to heaven, but we just don’t want God in it. Our society is a mess. We are sad, lonely, suicidal, angry, hurt, depressed, hateful, and can’t figure out why. We want what we don’t have, so we steal, kill and destroy to get it. Do we really want it that bad, is it alright to sacrifice our beliefs, our morals, our family to get what we want.

I recently lost my job due to injury. I am now disabled and unable to do a job that requires physical work. Surprisingly, I find myself happier than I have ever been. We don’t have much, at least by American standards, but are closer than we have ever been as a family. I am working hard on getting re-educated, so I can work and make a living once more. But in this time of lack, God is our provider, our safety, our healer, our joy. If all we have is God and each other, we are rich beyond words. That’s what I want, to be happy, no matter how little or much I have, and to be close to my family and close to God. I will work again. Only God knows when. But until then, I will love my family, work hard at my schooling and thank God for his peace and provision in this valley we find ourselves in. I hope our nation will remember, how we grew into one of the most prosperous nations in the world. It wasn’t through hand outs. It wasn’t the government doing it for us. It was through hard work, determination, family and godly values! Maybe one day, God willing……it will be again.


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