Have Some Chocolate, its very Healthy!

chocolate popcycles
Healthy Food!

I have a weight problem. But I used to be in great shape. I ran track in High School and joined the Marine Corps not long after graduating. So I was not just thin, you could see the bones in my face.

Then, years later when my wife was pregnant with our first child, I gained weight with her. And for whatever reason, I could not lose it. It was so frustrated after being healthy for so long.

I’ve been overweight for around 15 years now and it’s been very difficult. I am working to get back in shape, but it’s been up and down. Then recently I became really fed up, and was trying hard to change the way I eat. Little did I know, my relatives were coming to the rescue!

My wife’s family came over for a visit. I told them how hard I was trying to cut back and eat right.  I love them dearly and we have a wonderful relationship. But I’m not sure they understand my weight problem. They decide to go shopping and come back with their version of health food. I’m asked, “Have you tried these.” I look, and it’s chocolate eclairs. There’s yogurt, but it’s the chemical laden version. Then they prepare some wonderful food for us. Banana splits, chocolate covered strawberries, you name it, it’s got sugar. I pulled my wife aside and we start laughing. Wow, they really know how to get me on the right track. They seem to be saying, that’s great that you need to lose weight, now have some chocolate, it’s very healthy!


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