Do I need a new direction, or is this a direction? Uncertain am I.


So, I’m in a bit of a pickle and uncertain as how to proceed. A sort of crossroads, if you will. Which part of the reason why I haven’t published new post recently. I am ready to write my next post, but I am unsure of my direction.

I have read that if you Blog, you should stick to one subject or direction. But I don’t feel like I can stick with one subject. I have dabbled in the following.

  • Tech
  • My personal opinion
  • Things of interest.
  • Art and Artist

I would love to talk about all these subjects.

So, could I say my direction is my interest, things that I want to talk about. Is that a direction, or do I need to narrow it down.

My passion is tech. I love computers, smart phones, apps, new tech, and networking. I enjoy troubleshooting my computer, and figuring out ways of streamlining my work flow.

But I also like current events, problem solving, art and opinion polls. I like to see what other people are saying about these topics or just life. So I don’t know if I can stay focussed on just one thing in just one direction. But is that ok? Can my direction be just my thoughts on new tech, or discussions about a new art or current events. My description does say thoughts, insights and ramblings. So, I feel like that kinda covers it.

Additionally, I am not sure if I just stick to tech, that I will have enough substance to Blog about. I am not an expert, so all would be opinion or discussion.

If you are good at something, like If you’r an artist, or a engineer, you probably know what to Blog about. I know what I want to do, what would you do?


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