Am I the Only One who Loves Being Frightened?


So, am I the only one who loves being frightened?

In my house, that is truly the case. I am the only one who loves to be frightened. If I’m watching a scary movie, I’m the only one in the room. Our kids will come to the edge of the family room and ask, “Dad, are you watching something scary?” Yep. Then I have to pause it until they get what they came for.

But as for me, I love ‘em. Love being scared, creeped out, and made to jump. I don’t need the movie to be gory,  just good and creepy. Ones that give you the feeling like someone’s in the room with you and you jump out of your skin when the evil character pops out. Yeah, those are the ones. Blood and guts does not always equal scary in my book, there has to be a good story as well.

So around Halloween this year, I went looking for a good scare on Netflix.

I ended up watching Paranormal Activity 4. Now, I’m not a huge Paranormal fan, but they do a pretty decent job on the chill factor. I especially love it when you hear the sound of someone walking or running through the house, when only one person is home or awake. I think it’s something we can all identify with, noises in the night when no one is awake or home but you.

It is interesting that the Paranormal Movies use silence and the night to add tension to a scene when most good horror flicks rely on the music. Nothing could be happening in a scene and yet that music has the hairs on the back of your neck sticking straight up. You know something really bad is about to happen. Or,….. its just a cat, if you know what I mean.

I’ve heard it said, that books are scarier. I know for me, my imagination can really mess me up while reading a good Stephen King novel. And there are just some things you can’t portray well on film. But I haven’t read a good scary book in quite some time. The last one being “Bag of Bones” by Stephen King, which I thought had a good chill factor. As to which is scarier, that would probably depend on the person.

But films are so easy to access now. Especially if you have Netflix streaming, like I do. It gives me many opportunities to find a good scary movie when I’m in the mood. I like to browse through them to see if there are any worth watching. In my opinion, nothing compares to classics such as, Carrie, The Exorcist, The Omen, Halloween, Psycho or The Amityville Horror, just to name a few. But there are some decent ones out there to be sure.

Movies like Quarantine, The Grudge and The Ring. The Ring! Talk about a creepy girl, just her picture gives me chills. Others like The Bay, The Possession and The Skeleton Key also come to mind. Then some are just fun. Maybe not grip your chair scary, but enough to get your adrenaline pumping, like Cabin in the Woods. That’s an adrenaline rush, with an original story line that I can’t stop watching.

Most of the time, a good story outweighs effects and gore for me, . Movies like Invasion of the Body Snatchers (both versions) and The Others are good examples. Not heavy on the effects, but the story keeps you glued to your seat. Having said that, I still enjoy a good hack em up every now and then.

Lately I am starting to feel my age a little, as I find the franchises of Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm street to be in the fun category. They don’t scare like they used to, but are so much fun to watch again and again. Now I find myself rooting for Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th, saying, PLEASE, take out the camp counselors, they’re so stupid, I can’t take it anymore! ….. So is just me or is it an age thing?

Here are some of my other favorites:

  • The Fog
  • Jaws
  • The Birds
  • It
  • The Thing
  • The Shining
  • Poltergeist
  • The Blair Witch Project
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • Alien

I know I probably missed some titles that you’re chomping at the bit about. For those I missed, I apologize. But this gives you an opportunity to bring them up. What’s your favorite scary movie, or do books scare you more?


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