Raiders vs Broncos, can it get any worse!

Raiders vs Broncos

The Last Game of 2013

The 2013 football season is over for the Oakland Raiders! It was a trying year. I was frustrated so much of the time watching them. Not because I thought they were horrible as some might think. But because they were so very close to being a contender and kept losing em by a narrow margin. Even my non-Raider friends said they thought the Raiders had improved. But in the end, not enough to count.

The season had some exciting moments, with Terrelle Pryor making a record setting run for a touchdown. Matt McGloin coming in when Pryor gets injured and making a pretty good run. Even almost winning a shootout with Alex Smith when the played the Kansas City Chiefs.

I don’t know what the answer is for the Raiders, but I believe they will be better next year as they work out the kinks.

But in my opinion, they secondary was horrible!

I was at the last game of the season and it showed up time and time again. It didn’t seem to matter that they had Charles Woodson back, even though he was the one bright spot. It didn’t matter that at times they made some great plays. When it came to winning games, the defense were as porous as an old pair of women’s stockings that had seen too many years.

They couldn’t stop Peyton Manning. When they played the Broncos earlier in the season, they actually put pressure on Manning and kept the score close. Not so this time  around. As the game neared it’s end and  many Raider fans had left the O coliseum, the score was 34-0. For those of us sticking it out, there was no hope in sight. I was not looking forward to a shutout.

Thankfully, Pryor finished the game off with 2 touchdown passes. Passes that made Pryor look like a contender as an NFL quarterback. Difficult throws, on the run, under pressure and to receivers who was well defended. Now if they could just put that together early in the game, we might have seen what we have seen most of the year. Just missing a win, losing by a touchdown or a field goal.

Of course a win would have been nice.

Not sure if they need a new defensive line coach, a new head coach or just better players at the secondary position. But they need a change. They could do with a better O-line as well, but that unit was improving as the season went on.

As for me, I’m a Raider fan and will always be a Raider fan. Go Raiders! (Something Niner fans will never understand).


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