Opinions are not law! They are just opinions!

Is your opinion law? Do we now have to stop thinking for ourselves, hang up any ideas we might and have and just follow along, because your OPINION trumps all!

I feel like this is true when reading blogs that I find interesting. It’s a very well stated opinion, but as I get down to the comments, there is all this junk. People think your opinion sucks, and how dare you share it with us. How dare you say anything other than what they believe, they are the authority on all things by the way, so don’t try and talk about this again! Not all the comments, but a lot of them.

It is so sad! It seems that many of us in society have really become enamoured with our own opinion. So much, that no other opinion counts. And is there also an overwhelming reason to be really angry that I don’t know about. Is this world becoming totally intolerable and intolerant of anything but it’s own point of view.

It just might.

It is hard to find a blog offering opinion about a business, product, or belief without some people losing their minds. Getting so angry, that they drag a stranger through the mud and tear them to pieces for simply voicing their opinion. At least it feels that way.

I don’t know, but the last time I checked, we live in The United States America, where we have……. wait for it…. FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

Hmmm……. Maybe not, maybe this is actually Communist China, and we just haven’t changed flags, I mean, everything I buy says made in China, ……..But I digress.

Should we not be able to voice our opinion, and have people agree or disagree, but not be crucified when that opinion is not the same as yours.

Sorry if I sound a bit angry, but I really enjoy seeing other peoples opinions and what they think about life, new products, or the most recent hot news. It doesn’t always mean I will agree, or that I will change my mind about it, but it opens up a good discussion.

So why are so many people using hateful words and getting so angry when someone writes a piece, blog, article, expressing their opinion.

The CMS WordPress for example.

I love WordPress, how it works, using it for blogs or websites………. but so what! Does everyone have to love WordPress now! No, but some people have voiced their opinion against WordPress as if their opinion was law. No one should use WordPress, because I said so, and this other one works better for me. …….. SO USE A DIFFERENT CMS! Don’t rip everyone else who does use WordPress and has a good opinion of it.

Come on people! Are we really so stuck in our ways, that no other way of thinking can enter it or we are offended beyond belief.

In my opinion ……

– We need to relax a little bit.

– Be a little more objective.

– Don’t take things so personal.

– Don’t become so angry when someone thinks different than you.

– Don’t think you know it all! You don’t!

Ok, I need to Breath! ………Shew!  Ok, I feel a little bit better.

Now don’t lose your mind! It’s just my opinion!


3 thoughts on “Opinions are not law! They are just opinions!

  1. This made me laugh. I wrote a blog post recently on the same thing. A friend told me to ‘avoid opinion pieces’ as people may get offended. I’m personally not scared of my opinion and nor do I think that everyone has to have the same opinion as me. Sometimes it is a wonder if society has advanced at all.

    1. It is a wonder indeed! Maybe in technology and science, but not necessarily in our views and beliefs. I do struggle with writing my opinion when I see how people react to others. I am glad you liked the post. Thanks for reading!

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