About Me

IMG_4557About Me!

I live in Northern California with my wife and 3 kids. Besides my online schooling in web design, I have been working in a home based business called Lyoness. It’s a great cashback company with amazing benefits. But before all this, I was in Law Enforcement for around 20 years until I injured myself and ended up getting a medical retirement. That was definitely not my plan. Have had a lot of problems with my knee since then and I am unable to work a physical job because of my disability. But God works  in mysterious ways and I have been really blessed in this difficult time. I can’t wait to be working again, but this road has really taught me a lot, as well as given me more time with my wife and kids.

I live in the a part of the San Francisco Bay Area called East Bay, and have most of my life. So naturally my favorite team is the Oakland Raiders(which you can read about by clicking the sports drop down menu in about me.) I’m sure that will elicit some boo’s, but I have been a Raider fan since I was a kid. I started to follow them in earnest in the late 70’s, when they were a force to be reckoned with. Obviously thats not the case now, but I am not a fair weather fan. That is something that most Raider fans take pride in. Unlike the fans from across the bay. The 49er fans. Now unlike most Raider fans, I am not a hater. I just don’t like their fans. (Not all of the fans, as I have quite a few 49er friends.) I can’t help it, I have never seen such a wishy washy group of fans, as the 49er fans. If anything bad happens……..49ers, who are they! It drives me crazy. But, I don’t hate the team, I just don’t root for them.

Well, at least not until the 2012-2013 football season. I am rooting for them this year out of respect for my father in-law. He was an avid 49er fan and was so anxious for them to return to the Super Bowl. Then, in late 2011, he passed away due to complications from the disease Lupus, and I miss him dearly. We were very close and he loved to give me a hard time about the Raiders. It was fun really. I miss his banter. So whether they are my team or not, this year, I will be rooting for them, since my Dad’s not able to.    add another page.


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